The Ocean Marketing/Marketting/Stratagy Debacle Condensed

Hello everyone! I’ve decided to start a blog, we’ll see where it leads me.

Today’s episode features a villain, a hero, and their tale.

It all began with an e-mail sent by a customer wondering where the product he’d paid for was (his credit card was charged prior to his product being shipped, in fact). This e-mail quickly snowballed into a mudslinging adventure (click for transcript) by our featured villain. Along the way, Mike Krahulik, better known to most as Penny-Arcade’s Gabe, became involved thanks to the cutomer. Mike posted the whole transcript, and before heading to bed that night, the last thing he read was that he could expect legal action. Neat.

The next day, he received something that seemed to be a plea for help, and then what was almost but not quite an apology. In Gabe’s own words, it’s easy to apologise when you’ve been caught.

In doing some research, we find Paul pretending to be other people to defend his own name (and possibly having roid rage), his original Twitter account being abandoned, a Myspace account with the moniker ‘The Angry Pimp’, a new Twitter account (also spelled incorrectly), and so on.

Many of his “connections” have denounced him as well.

Let this be a lesson to anyone considering a career in “social media marketing”: Don’t be a douchebag. Especially not to gamers. We have a lot of free time and know how to use the internet to make you look like an idiot (especially when you help us prove that).


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