Super Meat Boy: So Unreasonable

I first played Super Meat Boy on Xbox 360. Here’s the story of that: My friend and I were sitting around in my dorm hall all alone, as it was Thanksgiving break but I stayed in the dorm and had him over. It got to be evening-ish, and we decided to find a new game to play, so we started browsing Xbox 360 Arcade games, as we tend to do.

We happened upon the weirdest-looking game: Super Meat Boy.

Long-story-short, we didn’t sleep until 9 AM the next day.

Super Meat Boy is one of the easiest-to-play, hardest-to-master games I’ve ever played. Basically you just run around, sliding on walls, trying to save your kidnapped girlfriend (classic). The thing is, the first two or three worlds go moderately quickly. The last three or four just get incredibly difficult and frustrating. But I assure you, it’s the kind of frustrating that will have you and the people in the room laughing your asses off. At least, that’s what was happening to us at 6 AM.

One amazing feature which just helps it be both hilarious and frustrating is that, when you finally finish a level, you get to watch a replay. But during the replay, you see every attempt you made. You get to watch yourself die potentially dozens (hundreds?) of times. But while you laugh at all the mistakes you made, you get to watch that one little Meat Boy successfully reach Bandage Girl! The hero! And it was you!

A whole other dimension of this game is… Well, the other dimension. There’s a dark version of every single level, which increases the difficulty a ridiculous amount. I won’t go over this in too much detail because it would only frighten you.

Also, you don’t have to be Meat Boy the entire time if you don’t want. You unlock various characters from other games (Gish, Commander Video, Alien Hominid, etc.), each of which have their own ups-and-downs. I’ll leave it to you to discover them all.

My advice: Get this game. I also advise you to get it on Xbox Live Arcade, as I find it significantly easier to control than the PC version.

Super Meat Boy gets an 8.5/10 rating (maybe 9/10 if you play it at 5 AM) from this reviewer.


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