Bit.Trip Runner Review

Bit.Trip Runner is self-described as a, “Rhythm-based Action Platformer,” with, “Classic NES-Style Controls,” and a “Pounding Chiptune-Inspired Soundtrack.” There’s really no other way to describe it.

The game stars Commander Video (for the record, I highly approve of the Dallas Cowboys-esque stars) as a running (constantly), jumping, and sliding hero who you must guide through over 50 levels, avoiding dangers along the way. One wrong move sends you right back to the start of the level, which can get frustrating as the game gets a little tricky relatively quickly (by level 6 I had to repeat each level multiple times).

I’m a very music-oriented person, so I really like rhythm games, and while you can play this game on mute, I find it much more entertaining with the sound blasting. Each action you must perform syncs with a beat of the music, which is constantly going and keeping you pumped-up.

I haven’t yet beaten the game, so I can’t tell you about replay value or any sort of story (which there doesn’t seem to be), but I’ll tell you I’m addicted.

Bit.Trip Runner gets an 8.5/10 rating from this blog.


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