Hello World… Finally

Hello everyone. Let’s call this my introduction post. Hell, maybe I’ll just manually change the post date to make it look like I actually did things in the correct order.

Basically I wanted to explain what this is. I intend this to be a blog about video games, and occasionally other forms of entertainment. Reviews, news, sometimes just talk or rumors. Most of these early posts have been a bit rushed, so expect things to get a little better; a little cleaner.

I invite you to give Alternate Reality a try. Follow it. Read it. Love it? In any case, basically I want some followers and I’d rather be open about that than be all douchey.

Feel free to ask questions in the comments. See if the blog is right for you. I intend to write it for a long time, and I can review games you request, if you’d like. I’ve played them all (seriously). If it keeps growing, I’ll get my own domain and all that, but that’s a ways off. Like. At last one comment on any post on this.

So. Yeah.

Here’s the first thing that comes up on Google Image search for Altered Reality. So you know it’s good.


3 Responses to “Hello World… Finally”

  1. hi dave

  2. Really insightful info,thanks!

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