So soon into the lifetime of the blog? I know. But what can I say, I’m on vacation, away from my computer, and can’t make a decent post from my phone (which is what I’m doing now).

So today’s episode is simply a micro-review of the Kindle Fire, which I got my girlfriend for her birthday.

Turns out, I’m jealous of it, despite having a Droid phone and an iPod Touch. What it amounts to in my terms is a bigger, nicer iPod Touch (as far as having games goes), but is also way better at books and movies. Arguably worse at music (which I would hope, comparing it to an iPod).

Overall, I think I will get myself one. Or someone can donate one, whatever.

If you get one, definitely order a portfolio case thing to go with it. It feels very exposed with nothing in front of the big… What, 7″ screen? Something.

PS – Don’t pay the extra $4 for the HD Angry Birds. I didn’t notice a difference. Definitely make sure you get the Kindle Fire edition of Doodle Jump though (if you have a Kindle Fire). I didn’t know that exiated, got the normal one, and it was all choppy. Also I might review those two games in the near future.

Poll time! Next entry: Angry Birds, Doodle Jump, or Plants Vs Zombies? Or mini reviews of all three?


8 Responses to “Hiatus”

  1. Randy Smellting Says:

    Angry Birds!

  2. Shatnerd1987 Says:

    Never really heard of Doodle Jump before sounds interesting!

    • Very interesting. Was the first mobile game I was ever addicted to. Back when I thought Angry Birds was going to be a fad. (It was out before Angry Birds, so far as I’m aware.)

  3. Review my crossbow I just bought

  4. How does the device compare to an Ipad or Galaxy Tab?
    If you have used either of those before

    • I have very limited experience with iPad, and none with Galaxy Tab. It seems really close to an iPad, actually. If anything, I would say I like the navigation (menus, etc.) of the iPad better, but only because I’ve had an iTouch for a long time and it’s the same, so I’m used to it.

      I would highly recommend going Kindle Fire over iPad, though, if only for the price difference. Sure, the 8GB memory size of the Fire isn’t great, but you ca deal with that if you don’t need like seven movies on your tablet at once. Plus the cloud storage helps make up for it.

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