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Dropbox Makes Life Easier

Posted in Review with tags , , , on February 27, 2012 by thedavewsc

Say you wrote a paper on your computer that you need to print out at the library. You finish it up, save it, and head off to the library to print it off. Suddenly you realize you forgot to put it on eCampus or a jump drive! So you have to go all the way back to your room to do one of those, wasting your time.

Dropbox is a program which you download to your computer, and set up on a folder (it can be an existing folder, or you can make a new one). From then on, everything you save or copy into that folder is automatically uploaded to the Dropbox website, allowing you to get it at any time. Also, if you have multiple computers (or a Droid phone), you can put Dropbox on them as well, and your files will automatically download to those computers/phones for access on them! This basically eliminates the need to log onto eCampus and upload things to your drives there, because they will be automatically uploaded to Dropbox, even while you’re walking to the library (or watching TV).

Another nice thing about Dropbox is that if you have friends who use it as well, you can share a folder inside your Dropbox folder with them, and then anything you put there, automatically goes to their Dropbox, and vice-versa! It makes it very easy to share notes or photos.

This is a basic explanation of what this incredibly handy tool is, and I’d recommend at least trying it out. I use it almost daily, and certainly any time I need to have schoolwork available outside my dorm room.

To download Dropbox, simply go to this address in your web browser: (You can also go to, but if you use this link instead, you will get an additional 250MB of space for free, just for using that link instead of the normal! Full disclosure, that’s my referral link, but we both get extra space, so win-win, right?)

Cloud computing is the future, and it is now. Get yourself a Dropbox and join the revolution!

Addition to original post: Here are multiple ways to increase your original amount of storage space from 2GB (or 2.25GB if you use my link) to much more!

  • Click the “Getting Started” tab on the site, or just , complete the steps – 250MB free
  • Go to – Up to 768MB free
  • Go to and link a .edu e-mail account –Double the space you get from each referral (500MB each!)
  • There are many more ways, including special events – Keep your eyes open for opportunities!