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Robot Unicorn Attack: Evolution

Posted in Review with tags , , , , , , on February 27, 2012 by thedavewsc

Guiding a metal unicorn on a magical journey through the stars. Doesn’t that sound lovely? Well that’s what you get to do in Robot Unicorn Attack: Evolution, the newest form of Robot Unicorn Attack (others include the original and Heavy Metal versions)!

In the original Robot Unicorn Attack (available on Facebook and iOS), the game is simple enough. You’re a robotic unicorn and you run nonstop, getting faster and faster, all to the song Always by Erasure (a very whimsical tune). All you do in the game is jump and dash. Jumping to avoid falling off cliffs, and dashing to turn into a rainbow of hatred and fire yourself through giant stars blocking your path, destroying them instantly. It’s one of those games that’s really easy to play, but very addicting to try to get better and better scores.

Robot Unicorn Attack: Evolution is Facebook-only (as of now), and it’s basically the same game, except that after every four giant stars you destroy, you evolve into a different animal: Unicorn, Panda, Wolf, Gorilla, Sabertooth Tiger, and finally Dragon. By the time you’ve hit dragon you’re going at a pretty good pace, and it will be hard to control. And, of course, as with all Facebook games, you can compare high scores to your friends’ and try to outdo them.

Another nice feature of the game when played on Facebook is that you get to use powerups, at the cost of some in-game currency (fairy dust). Powerups include letting you not get going ridiculously fast, an automatic-lifesaver if you fail to dash into a star (normally your ‘wish’ would be over), and so on.

As far as these “go for the best score” games go, this is one of the best, and I highly recommend it. It’s fun to play, really fun when you beat all your friends (which I did after only about seven times playing), and it’s great just getting to listen to the song for a while. Overall, I’d give this game an 8/10 rating.