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Tiny Tower For Gaming On The Go

Posted in Review with tags , , , , on December 31, 2011 by thedavewsc

Tonight’s review refers to something I’m currently experiencing: Gaming on the go. I’m currently traveling around a lot, on Christmas break from college (my last one…), so almost the only gaming I’m doing is mobile. The devices available to me, for the record, are an iPod Touch and a Droid Incredible (I don’t recommend the latter).

Tiny Tower is a game I recently discovered through the suggestion of a friend of mine (known only as DJ RiVal). The premise is simple enough. You own a tower which contains apartments and stores, and you continually add floors to it as you gain money from these floors. It’s one of those sort-of-addictive-but-ridiculously-addicting things.

Part of the genius is the humanization of the Bitizens (the name for the dwellers and other customers of your tower). They are all randomly-generated, with apparently possible combinations numbering upward of four million, so they all look different, and you can change each of their appearances through a little menu. Alternatively, you can give them fancy little costumes (like a surgeon or a big heart) for a small cost of in-game money. Another layer on this subject is the inclusion of Bitbook, which is the Facebook of the Tiny Tower world. You get to go read status updates from your Bitizens, which range from, “We really need to restock the candle shop,” a helpful little reminder, to, “I just like smiling, smiling’s my favorite,” an admittedly less helpful but funnier comment.

There are also countless different floors for you to get. When building a new one, you choose a category (residential, food, service, recreation, retail, and creative), and one in that category will randomly be built. I have no idea how many options there are for each category, but people with towers of at least 100 floors have had no repetition. For example, in my tower, for food I have a pizza place, a smoothie shop, asian cuisine, and a pancake house, and they each look exactly what you’d expect them to, and you can change the colors (my entire tower has a blue theme).

Another layer to this is that in each shop you can have three Bitizens employed. And you don’t want to do this randomly. Each Bitizen has a ranking of 0 to 9 for each of the categories, and the higher the rank, the more of a discount you get on the product they watch over. And on top of that, each Bitizen has a dream job, and if you place them in their dream job, they become overjoyed and you get two tower bucks (in the game there are coins, gained from selling goods and used for stocking more goods and buying new floors, and there are tower bucks, which are gained from special events and can also be purchased with real money).

Basically there’s a lot to this seemingly simple little game. And best of all? It’s completely free!

In my research for writing this review, I even found a wiki specifically dedicated to the game. And it has hundreds of pages. I had no idea.

As far as mobile, addictive gaming goes, Tiny Tower gets a 9/10 rating from this reviewer.